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24/7 Service for all your Safes and Vaults


From Brand New to Used Safes & Vaults.


Service Plans that Guarantee No Issues



From Lockouts to Mechanics Repair


A 5000 LB High Security safe, a high gloss Jewelry safe, or a gun safe, We get your security product where you need it. What good is your burglary/fire safe if the company that delivered it only got it as far as the garage? Our delivery and installation team uses the best practices and equipment to deliver and install your safe where you want it. We offer true “White Glove” service and discreet delivery. We also offer short and long term storage or out of state shipping.


Lockouts happen for many reasons. Electronic or mechanical failure, accidental damage to the dial or keypad, or the combination is lost or forgotten. Our techs use every method to solve a lockout using non-invasive techniques and are usually successful in gaining entry this way. If a safe must be drilled we do so surgically and repair the safe to its original security level or better.


There are many reasons to change the combination on a safe. Has the wrong person been given the combination? Have personnel moved on from your business? Maybe you’re afraid to close and lock your safe because you are unsure you know the true combination.  Mechanical or digital we have the tools and knowledge to get you secure again. We’ll also give the safe and lock a once over to make sure it is in proper working order.


Is the dial on your safe getting difficult to turn? Is your electronic keypad not unlocking on the first try? If it is time for a tune-up, or if you are looking to upgrade your lock, Centerpoint’s technician’s will get your safe working reliably for years to come.


Do you have an old safe in your basement that you are looking to get rid of? Have a business that is closing or relocating and have a safe you no longer need? Own a small safe that you are looking to sell so that you can upgrade to something larger? Doing a clean out of a family member or friend’s house and need a safe gone? Reach out to Centerpoint Safe for a removal quote and see what your safe may be worth. Every situation is different, so in some cases we can come and haul off for you at no cost and in others we can remove it while offering you cash for your safe! We can even put your safe up for sale on our website on consignment. Either way, click below to find out more!


We service every piece of security equipment a bank branch has, the vault door, safe deposit lockers, drive-ups, ATM safes, night drops, and teller cabinets. Centerpoint knows that when your equipment works properly, you maintain seamless and secure operations to better serve your customers. Our technicians are true professionals who become great assets to the branches we serve. Read about our monthly service plan to save money on service calls and have issues corrected with preventative maintenance.


Centerpoint Safe also offers sales, service, installations, preventative maintenance, and removals of cages and vaults. If you have a larger space that you need to secure a “Safe Room” with a Vault Door or Security Cage might work best for you. We can work with you or your construction team to figure out the size and configuration that would work best for you. To get the conversation started and to talk about pricing and timetables, fill out the form below and someone will reach out to you within the next business day.

CAGE & Vault removAL

We can also help with having a Cage or Vault removed from a property that you own or have recently bought. We can come to your location and work with you to get a quote on the entire process including any construction that would need to take place before or after.


The simplest safe or vault has at least a dozen moving parts. The vault door pictured here has hundreds. If your safe is getting difficult to dial or the door isn’t opening as smoothly as it used to call us! A simple check-up can prevent serious and expensive issues or lockouts. We know how your equipment is supposed to function and we have the knowledge and parts to keep your safe, vault, or other hardware operating like it should.

Monthly Service Plan

Centerpoint Safe offers Monthly Service Plans for banks, restaurants, pharmacies, or retail stores. We can build a plan whether you have 1 location or 100 locations. Here is what our Centerpoint Monthly Service Plan would include:
  • Unlimited service calls every month (per location/per plan)
  • Free Combination changes for all safes on location.
  • Quarterly Preventative Maintenance
  • Unlimited Phone/Web Support for trouble shooting.
  • Discounts on New Safe purchases.
  • Discounts on Safe moving for location changes.

Contact us for a quote on a package for your business. In most cases the monthly charge will be about the cost of 1 service call.